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Odeon Cinema

Leicester Square, London

The project brief was to provide a concept design for the foyer and access areas of the Odeon Studios mezzanine in Leicester Square.

Due to the important location of the venue next to a film premiere-hosting Odeon, we sought to ensure there was a sense of luxury to the Odeon Studio’s foyer. We achieved this with a dark and textured wallpaper and a series of classic gold frames encasing iconic movie moments.

For the ceiling, we designed a flowing wave shape that mimics a cinema reel. This shape allowed for the ceiling to fit seamlessly in the space and also accommodated for stairs on the floor above without this explicitly being obvious and intrusive.

The large glass Odeon sign was also included to project the brand. Despite its large size, this element does not crowd the small space as the glass lettering opens the space between the stairwell and the foyer.


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